Data Source connections

A data source is a database, file server, cloud service, or other source of data that you want to process through Spectrum™ Technology Platform. Spectrum™ Technology Platform can connect to over 20 types of data sources.

To connect Spectrum™ Technology Platform to a data source, you need to define the connection first. For example, if you want to read data from an XML file into a dataflow, and the XML file is located on a remote file server, you would have to define a connection to the file server before you can define the input XML file in a dataflow. Similarly, if you want to write dataflow output to a database, you must first define the database as an external resource.

Let’s say, in your organization, data resides in disparate sources, such as Salesforce, Apache Cassandra, Hadoop, Dynamo DB, SQL server, as well as CSV files.
To access your data set:
  1. You need to first connect to all these data sources. Spectrum™ Technology Platform allows you to connect to all these and many more data sources, which you will see in the subsequent sub-sections.
  2. Once you establish these connections successfully, you can access these in: