remoteserver update

The remoteserver update command modifies a remote server definition. For example, you can update the password used to connect to the remote server if the password on the remote server has changed..


remoteserver update --n RemoteServerName --h Host --o Port --u Username --p Password
Yes--n ConnectionNameSpecifies the name for the remote server you want to modify. To view a list of remote servers, use the remoteserver list command.
Yes--h HostSpecifies the host name or IP address of the remote server.
No--o PortSpecifies the network port to use for communication with the remote server.
Yes--u UsernameThe username to use to connect to the remote server.
Yes--p PasswordThe password to use to connect to the remote server.
No--s UseHTTPSSpecifies whether to use HTTPS communication between the local server and the remote server. HTTPS must be enabled on the remote server in order for HTTPS to work.
No--t timeoutThe number of seconds to allow the system to wait for a response from the remote server before the connection times out. The default is 2 seconds.


This example modifies a database connection named RemoteServer1. It changes the password to NewPassword4.

remoteserver update --p NewPassword4