Configuration assumptions and SSO deployment checks

We have designed Spectrum SSO to be seamless to end-users. However, systems administrators must complete some tasks before you enable SSO and the make the necessary security changes. Ensure that:

  • The system administrator has deployed the federation server. Microsoft® provides online references for federation server deployment and verification.
  • The system administrator has installed and configured the AD FS server role. Ensure that AD FS is set up and configured for your processing environment. AD FS employs a configuration Wizard that helps with this process.
  • Your system includes a recognized load balancer (clustered configurations). For HTTP-level implementation of Spectrum SSO, you must terminate HTTPS at the load balancer level in Spectrum cluster configurations. Load balancers apply to clustered configurations, only. If you are running Spectrum™ Technology Platform in standalone (non-cluster) configuration, you do not need to implement a load balancer.
  • Change the server hostname(s), as appropriate. Each cluster in your configuration has a unique hostname (computer name). Use best practices for naming your host machines — such as including the DNS in the name — so that they are easily identifiable and traceable.