Returns the value of a Grid at the specified point location.

If the Grid file type is numeric, as is the case for continuous grids (.GRD), the return type is a double.

If the Grid file type is character-based, as in the case of classified grids (.GRC), the return type will be a string.

This function also applies to MRR file and all field types are supported.


MI_GridValueAt ( GridInfo, Point, field, band)


GridInfo is an expression which returns a GridInfo, where GridInfo is the name of the raster column in the table, by default it is MI_RASTER.

Point is an expression which returns a point geometry representing the X and Y coordinate. See MI_Point for more information.

field specifies the field index. It is an optional parameter.

band specifies the band index of the field selected. It is required only if the field parameter is specified.


Determines the grid value of the MI_RASTER column at the specified point geometry from the table named GRIDTABLE.

select MI_GridValueAt("MI_RASTER", MI_POINT(-107.7, 37.9, 'EPSG:4326'), 1, 0) from "/GRIDTABLE"


Raster tables expose a RasterInfo and grid tables expose a GridInfo as the value for the MI_Raster column. This function applies to grid images (.GRD, .GRC, and .MRR).