hub schema list relationshipLabels

Lists relationship labels for a model.

Use the hub schema list relationshipLabels command to return a list of all relationship labels for a model.


hub schema list relationshipLabels --m model --s sourceEntityType --t targetEntityType --c showConnections
Required Argument Description
Yes --m model Specifies the name of the model whose relationship labels you want to return.
No --s sourceEntityType Specifies the type of source entity.
No --t targetEntityType Specifies the type of target entity.
No --c showConnections Specifies whether to show source and target entity types, where showConnections is one of the following:
Shows connections.
Does not show connections. This is the default setting.


This example returns a list of relationship labels with source and target entity types for a model called June2017 with a source entity type of Customer and a target entity type of AccountType.

hub schema list relationshipLabels --m June2017 --s Customer --t AccountType --c