Determines if a geometry (testGeometry) object touches (shares a common border or point geometric feature) with another geometry (containerGeometry). This operation is for determining if two areas share a common border, if a point is on a line, or if a line stops at another geometry. This operation is not used for determining if a point is the same as another point. For this operation see the Equals function.


Touches ( testGeometry, containerGeometry )


containerGeometry and testGeometry are geometry objects (or expressions).


Determines if the defined box touches any of the specified countries border.

select Touches(MI_Box(-13.36676789,8.05796847,79.06334219,62.70540978,'epsg:4326'),[Geometry_Column]) from countries where country = ANY ('Mauritania','Mali','Algeria')


Returns true if testGeometry touches the containerGeometry, false otherwise. The Touches operation will return false in cases where the geometries are both points, or if the geometries overlap. If either containerGeometry or testGeometry are null, false is returned.