Determines if a geometry (testGeometry) object is located inside a perimeter distance from another geometry (containerGeometry) object.


DWithin ( testGeometry, containerGeometry, unit, distance )


containerGeometry and testGeometry are geometry objects (or expressions),

distance is a number (double) which represents the determining distance from the source geometry to the test geometry, and

unit is an area unit specification.


Determines if one of the specified countries is located within a 10 miles boundary of the area defined using a box.

select DWithin([Geometry_Column],MI_Box(-13.36676789,8.05796847,79.06334219,62.70540978,'epsg:4326'), "mi", 10) as theResult from countries where country = ANY ('Mauritania','Mali','Algeria')


Returns true if testGeometry is within the specified distance from containerGeometry, false otherwise. If either containerGeometry or testGeometry are null, false is returned. The function is performed using the coordinate system of the (containerGeometry).

Valid values for unit are the following distance units:

Value Description
mi miles
km kilometers
in inches
ft feet
yd yards
mm millimeters
cm centimeters
m meters
survey ft US Survey feet
nmi nautical miles
twip twips
pt points
pica picas
degree degrees
li links
ch chains
rd rods