Dataflow Templates

Dataflow templates illustrate ways in which you can use Spectrumâ„¢ Technology Platform and its modules to meet your business needs. They show how particular modules solve various requirements, such as parsing, standardizing, and validating names and addresses, geocoding addresses, and so on.

Dataflow templates are delivered with each module that you license. For instance, if you are licensed for the Data Normalization Module, you receive the Standardizing Personal Names dataflow template. If you are licensed for the Universal Addressing Module, you receive the Validating U.S. and Canadian Addresses dataflow templates.

Depending on the purpose of each template, it may be a job with sample data or it may be a service with no sample data. You can use dataflows in their original state and run those that are delivered as jobs to see how they function. Alternatively, you can manipulate the dataflows by changing input and output files or by bringing services into your own jobs and adding input and output files.

Note: These samples are intended as illustrations of various Spectrumâ„¢ Technology Platform features. They are not intended to be complete solutions to your particular business environment.