Returns the distance between two geometries using the computation type and distance units. Specifically, the distance between two closest points of the two geometries is determined. When a geometry is inside another geometry, the shortest distance between the two geometries is returned with a positive distance value.


MI_DistanceToEdge ( geom1, geom2, unit, calculationType )


geom1 is an expression which returns a geometry, or a geometry construct

geom2 is an expression which returns a geometry, or a geometry construct

unit is a linear unit specification, and

calculationType is a string that indicates whether to perform a Spherical or Cartesian calculation. The default is calculated based on the coordinate system of the first geometry.


Returns the distance to edge from the specified geometry to each country.

select MI_DistanceToEdge(MI_Box(-20,-20,20,20,'epsg:4326'),Obj,'mi','Spherical') as distanceToEdge from "/Samples/NamedTables/WorldTable" where country in ('Canada','Vietnam','Brazil','China','Japan')


Calculates the distance between two geometries. The value returned is a double and represents a value in the units specified by the units argument.

Valid values for unit are the following distance units:

Value Description
mi miles
km kilometers
in inches
ft feet
yd yards
mm millimeters
cm centimeters
m meters
survey ft US Survey feet
nmi nautical miles
twip twips
pt points
pica picas
degree degrees
li links
ch chains
rd rods