The Web Feature Service (WFS) is able to describe its capabilities. It indicates what feature types (contents) it can service and what operations are supported on each feature type. The service can return what feature types are available based on the feature type alias. The GetCapabilities operation is used to request a capabilities document from the OGC WFS. It issues an XML request to the WFS and gets a response that describes the capabilities of the WFS.

POST Request

The request schema is defined by the following XML Schema fragment:

<xsd:elementname="GetCapabilities" type="wfs:GetCapabilitiesType"/>
    <xsd:attributename="acceptversions" type="xsd:string"use="optional"/>
    <xsd:attributename="version" type="xsd:string"use="optional"/>	
    <xsd:attributename="service" type="xsd:string" use="required" fixed="WFS"/>


GET Request

The GET request contains the following:

Input Required Description
REQUEST=GetCapabilities Yes Set to GetCapabilities for a get capabilities operation.
ACCEPTVERSIONS No A comma-separated list of supported versions of the Web Feature Service standard; for example : ACCEPTVERSIONS=1.1.0,1.0.0. The first supported version from the list is used and if no supported versions are specified in the list, a version negotiation failed error is reported.
VERSION No This supported version of the Web Feature Service standard. This parameter is ignored if ACCEPTVERSIONS is also included in the request.

For example: