Returns the number of map tiles across (on the x axis) and the number of map tiles down (on the y axis), and the width and height in virtual pixels of the map image created in memory, for a specified map zoom level.


For information on the parameter types listed below, see Request URL Data Types.

Parameter Type Required Description
name String yes Specifies the name of the named tile for which the level description is to be returned. You must specify the location of the named tile in the repository.
level Integer yes

Specifies the zoom level for which the description is to be returned.

This parameter must be set to a value greater than or equal to the minLevel value and less than or equal to the maxLevel value for the named map. You can determine these values by calling the getDescription method and examining the returned MapDescription object. For more information, see getDescription and MapDescription.

output String yes Specifies the response format. Must be json.


A LevelDescription object. See LevelDescription.