Benefits of Using a Connection

Named tables that use JDBC databases, GeoPackage files, TAB files, or shapefiles as their datasource can leverage connections in Spectrum Spatial. For TAB and shapefiles, this was not the case in older versions of the product; instead, named tables were created with inline references to their datasources.

An inline reference is a direct reference that specifies the full path to the TAB or shapefile that serves as the table’s datasource: D:\Spectrum Spatial\Data\tabfiles\

A connection-based reference specifies the location of the datasource relative to the path defined in the connection; for example, MySpatialData + \tabfiles\ where MySpatialData is a connection that points to D:\Spectrum Spatial\Data.

Named tables with inline references should be updated to use connections. You are not required to add connections to these types of tables, but there are benefits to doing so: