Creating a View Table

Spatial Manager allows you to create a view table. A view table is a named table that is a query on one or more named tables. Choose this option if you want to use an MI SQL query to return a particular view of the table.

To create a view table in Spatial Manager:

  1. From the Create drop-down located in the toolbar, select View Table.
    Note: This is disabled if you do not have sufficient permissions.
    The Create View Table page appears.
  2. In the Name field, type a name for the view table. Spatial Manager will warn you if another view table exists with that name, in which case you will have to enter another name. Names are case sensitive and cannot contain the following characters: / \ : [ ] | * { } "
  3. Specify the MI SQL query in the MISQL field. Since a query contains a named table (for example, select Country,Capital, Obj from "/Samples/NamedTables/WorldcapTable" where Country='INDIA') you can create view tables for any datasource, as the named table might have a datasource type such as TAB, XY, Oracle, SQL Server, and so on. See the MapInfo SQL Language Reference for detailed information on MI SQL commands and functions.
  4. Once your query is complete, click Validate to confirm your MI SQL query is valid.
  5. Click Create.
    The details page for the new view table appears.
    Note: Spatial Manager does not warn you that you will break the rendering of a layer or map if the view table does not contain the Obj (spatial) column in the query.