About the Spectrum Spatial Map Uploader

The Spectrum Spatial Map Uploader is a tool that copies the properties of the layers in a MapInfo Pro map to a Spectrum Spatial server. It takes the information of one map stored in MapInfo Pro and stores the equivalent information in a set of named resources on the server. This tool can be downloaded from the Spectrum Spatial section of the Welcome Page, under Map Uploader on the Utilities tab.

The map created on the Spectrum Spatial server will consist of a number of distinct parts known as named resources.

The named resources that are created are used by Spectrum Spatial to draw the map and query the data. Any application using Spectrum Spatial, including Spectrum Spatial Analyst and Spectrum Spatial for Business Intelligence, will depend on these resources being created correctly.

Named resources contain different types of information.

Spectrum Spatial uses a named connection to help with this process. These connections must be created before you run the Map Uploader so that the tool can use them to ensure that the data in the map can be found.

Note: The tool does not copy data to the server. Any file based data must exist on the server and be placed under a connection that is created in Spatial Manager before the Map Uploader is used. The Workspace Packager tool that ships with MapInfo Pro can be used for this purpose.