Managing Named Resources

Depending on the type of resource management you need to do in the Spectrum Spatial repository, you have a choice of tools.

The table below presents a summary of the tools to use for the types of operations and named resources.

Spatial Manager

Spatial Manager is a web application for browsing and managing named resources. With Spatial Manager you can:

To preserve connections between resources, Spatial Manager is the preferred tool for renaming, moving, or deleting named resources.

For more information about Spatial Manager, see the Utilities section of the Spectrum Spatial Guide.

Map Uploader

Map Uploader is a plug-in for MapInfo Professional (v11.5 or above) where you can add named resources (named maps, named layers, and named tables) to the repository.

Download the Map Uploader installer and view its documentation on the Spectrum Spatial section of the Welcome Page, under the Utilities tab. Documentation for the Map Uploader is in the Utilities section of the Spectrum Spatial Guide.

Administration Utility

The limrepo export and limrepo import commands in the Administration Utility allow you to manage named resources from a command line. The limrepo mwsimport command allows you to provision a MapInfo Workspace (MWS) file that has been created either by MapInfo Pro or the MapXtreme Workspace Manager into the Spectrum Spatial repository as named resources, specifically a named connection, named tables, named layers, and a named map.

The Administration Utility can be downloaded from the Platform Client Tools section of the Welcome Page, under the Command Line heading. Documentation for the LIM commands in the Administration Utility is in the Administration section of the Spectrum Spatial Guide.

Named Resource Service

The Named Resource Service, although it is not a tool, can also be used for managing almost any type of named resource in the repository.1This service provides a set of common operations that you can use to add, list, update, delete, and search resources in the repository. The advantage of this is that you can administer the repository's resources at the service level, with a simple SOAP API that allows you to manage your content.

The Named Resource Service provides operations that:

For more information, see the Services section in the Spectrum Spatial Guide on

1 Named configurations are the only named resource that you cannot manage using the Named Resource Service. To access named configurations in the repository you must use a WebDAV tool such as WebFolders.