Point In Polygon Best Practices

What is point-in-polygon (PIP)? Simply put, point in polygon determines if a point lies inside, outside, or on the boundary of a polygon. Solving a PIP problem can seem simple, however to get the results for the problem with a high accuracy in the most efficient manner, is not always easy.

As far as Spectrum operations, there are a couple of ways to solve the same point-in-polygon question. Each solution will vary depending on the type of data you have, if you are doing a batch vs real time processing, if performance is important, etc.

In order to choose the best approach, there are three considerations that must be thought of for a point-in-polygon solution: the problem being solved, the Spectrum configuration, and the overall solution design. Each of these must be thought of as you design your PIP solution.

This section will show you how to make informed choices when creating you point-in-polygon solution.