Render a Named Map

The simplest map to render is a named map. A named map resides in the repository and includes all the data source, mapping and layer information needed to display a map image. A named map can be rendered in a SOAP or REST request. The only information to provide at runtime in addition to the named map is the map view, which is the location and the size of the map.

The best way to create a named map is to use MapInfo Professional to interactively create your map content and settings. Saving this map as an MWS (MapInfo Workspace) provides the XML content that Spectrum Spatial uses to store the map and related items in the repository. Bring the MWS into Spectrum Spatial using the limrepo_mwsimport command in the Administration Utility. A named map will be created and added to the repository. It is then ready for use by the Mapping Service.

For a SOAP example, go to the Spectrum Spatial SOAP Mapping Service Demo Page at http://<server>:<port>/Spatial/MappingService/DemoPage.html and choose Render Named Map from the drop-down list.

For a REST example, see Render Named Map Given a Center and Zoom.