Installing a New Server


To install a new server:

  1. Download Spectrum™ Technology Platform using the download instructions contained in your welcome letter.
  2. Extract the downloaded file to a temporary location on the server where you want to install Spectrum™ Technology Platform.
  3. Double-click install.exe.
  4. The installer guides you through the installation process. Note the following:
    • If you are setting up an environment where the configuration database is installed on a separate server choose Server only. Otherwise choose Standard installation.
    • When prompted, select the modules that you want to install.
      • Make sure that Spectrum™ Technology Platform is selected.
      • If you are installing the SAP Module you must install these modules: Address Now Module and Advanced Matching Module. The Enterprise Tax Module is optional. The Universal Addressing Module is only required if you will be using the SAP module service SAPValidateAddressWithCandidates.
      • If you are installing the Siebel Module you must install these modules: Advanced Matching Module, Data Normalization Module, and Universal Name Module You may need to install one or more of these modules depending on the features you have licensed: Address Now Module, Enterprise Geocoding Module, and Universal Addressing Module.
    • When prompted, enter the HTTP port that you want to use and then press Enter. The default is 8080. For a complete listing of ports used by Spectrum™ Technology Platform see Default Network Ports.
  5. After the installation completes, the Spectrum™ Technology Platform server starts automatically. Wait for the server to start up.

    You can see when the server has started up by opening the log file <Spectrum Installation Location>\server\app\repository\logs\wrapper.log and looking for this message:

    INFO  [Server] Pitney Bowes Spectrum(TM) Technology Platform (Version version build) Started
    Important: Do not attempt to stop the server until after it has fully started for the first time. Stopping the server before it performs an initial startup can cause your installation to become unusable.
  6. Install your license key. For instructions, see Installing a License Key.