Installing Universal Addressing Module Databases

This procedure describes how to install databases used by Get Candidate Addresses, Get City State Province, Get Postal Codes, Validate Address, and Validate Address AUS. For instructions on installing databases used by Validate Address Global, see Installing Validate Address Global Databases. For instructions on installing databases used by Validate Address Loqate, see Installing Validate Address Loqate Databases.

Note: To install the Universal Addressing Module databases on Windows Server 2008 you need administrator privileges.
  1. Make sure no applications are running.
  2. Download the database from the Pitney Bowes Software eStore using the link provided in the release announcement or welcome email. You can also download the database from the technical support web site,
  3. The database is downloaded as a zip file. Unzip the database before proceeding with the installation.
  4. Select Start > Programs > Pitney Bowes > Spectrumâ„¢ Technology Platform > Modules > Universal Addressing Module > Database Load Utility.
  5. Follow the prompts during the rest of the installation process.
    Note: You may install databases on a mapped drive, but performance will be affected since you will be accessing them on a network rather than accessing them locally.
  6. If you choose to install Residential Delivery Indicator, an optional database that you license directly from the U.S. Postal Service, you are prompted for the nine-digit RDI table and the eleven-digit RDI table. These are called rts.hs9 and rts.hs11, respectively, and they are provided by the U.S. Postal Service.