Non-US Geocoding Databases

Non-US geocoding databases contain the data necessary to perform geocoding and reverse geocoding for locations outside the U.S.

Note: If you install multiple databases, install each database to a separate folder.
Note: To install the Global Geocoding Module databases on Windows Server 2008 you need administrator privileges.
  1. Make sure no applications are running.
  2. Download the database from the Pitney Bowes Software eStore using the link provided in the release announcement or welcome email. You can also download the database from the technical support web site,
  3. The database is downloaded as a zip file. Unzip the database before proceeding with the installation.
  4. Run dbloader.exe.
  5. Follow the prompts during the rest of the installation process.
    Note: Do not install geocoding databases on a network drive. Doing so can cause performance problems.
  6. After you install the database files, use either the Database Resource tool in the Management Console or the Global Geocode CLI database commands to define the database as a resource. For more information, see the Administration Guide.