Selecting 1st Class Letter with Certified - Return Receipt on the DM100i or DM200L

Products affected: DM100i® or DM200L® Digital Mailing Systems

P700 P7L1 Sending 1st Class Letter Certified Mail:
  Press the Class button.
  Select US Domestic.
  Select 1st Class.
  Select Letter.
  Press the Page-Down button.

 Select Certified.

  Note:  Return Receipt will automatically be an option once Certified is selected.

  • If you would like to add Return Receipt, select it, then select Done.
  • If you don't want to add Return Receipt, select Done.
The meter will return to the Home screen with the postage value for 1st Class-Letter>Certified and Return Receipt (if selected).


Note:  Remember to attach the certified mail label and/or return receipt label from the USPS.

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