Pack and Ship to Return Equipment

The following includes guidance to help you pack and ship your meter for return to Pitney Bowes.

Before you continue, make sure:

  • You received a Pitney Bowes return kit
  • You received a shipping carton with packing material
  • Your current meter has been deactivated by transferring funds from the meter back to your postage account. Meter deactivation is required by the USPS.
  • There is enough workspace to move your equipment
  • Your clothes are protected from possible ink stains
  • Your replacement meter has arrived, if you are installing a replacement meter

Select the meter model you are returning:

mailstation / mailstation2 (K700, K7M0)

PostPerfect (B700)

Personal Post (E700)

DM100i / DM125 / DM200L / DM225  (P700, PR00, P7L1, PRL1)


DM200i/DM300i (DDM Series)


DM300c/DM300L (Note: Review page 2)


Inoperable Meters

A malfunctioning machine can limit your ability to connect to the data center. When you are unable to transfer funds, you can return the meter in its non-functioning state. When it arrives at our facility, we will transfer the funds to your postage account. Allow for additional processing time before you can use the transferred funds.

Remember: You must transfer any remaining postage from the meter to your postage account before you pack and ship the meter.

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