Operable Meters

If your meter can connect to the PB Data Center, transfer any remaining postage from the meter to your postage account before you ship the meter. Meter deactivation is required by the USPS.

Inoperable Meters

A malfunctioning machine can limit your ability to connect to the data center. When you are unable to transfer funds, you can return the meter in its non-functioning state. When it arrives at our facility, we will transfer the funds to your postage account. Allow for additional processing time before you can use the transferred funds.

Select the meter model you are returning:

Stand Alone Meters

mailstation / mailstation2 (K700, K7M0)

PostPerfect (B700 Series)

Personal Post (E700 Series)

DM Series

DM100i / DM125 / DM200L / DM225  (P700, PR00, P7L1, PRL1)

DM300c (G900)

DM200i/DM300i (DDM Series)

DM300L (DDL3)

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