Return a Meter/Set Up a Replacement Meter

Whether it's to replace a malfunctioning machine, keep up with business needs, or cancel your service, Pitney Bowes meters will eventually need to be returned to our facilities. Depending on the terms of your contract, a meter may be replaced with similar, newer, or higher capacity model. Or, it might be returned without a replacement. Whatever your situation, this section will help guide you through the process and transition.

After arranging to return and/or replace your meter, you need to deactivate and prepare the meter for shipment.

Deactivation must be completed before you can return a meter or set up and install a replacement meter.

How to...

This page contains instructions to arrange a return and how to deactivate the meter by transferring all funds back to its original funding source(s).


After transferring unused postage back to your funding source(s), you can transition to the replacement meter.


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