Meter Return and Replacement

Return a Meter/Set Up a Replacement Meter

Whether it's to replace a malfunctioning machine, keep up with business needs, or cancel your service, Pitney Bowes meters will eventually need to be returned to our facilities.  Depending on the terms of your contract, a meter may be replaced with similar, newer, or higher capacity model.  Or, it might be returned without a replacement. Whatever your situation, this section will help guide you through the process and transition.

After arranging to return and/or replace your meter, you need to deactivate and prepare the meter for shipment.

Deactivation must be completed before you can set up and install a replacement meter.

How to...

1. Return a Meter

Deactivate and pack your current meter for shipment back to Pitney Bowes.

2. Install a Replacement Meter

After transferring unused postage back to your funding source(s), you can transition to the replacement meter.

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