An Important Notice about Your Galaxy Mailing Machine


Effective January 1, 2012, Pitney Bowes will no longer provide updates for the Galaxy mailing system.


The Galaxy mailing system is highly dependent on automatic weighing and rating. If you continue to use it after the next United States Postal Service (USPS®) price change, you risk improperly rating and incorrectly applying postage to your mail.

We strongly recommend you consider a replacement system. Take a look at our newest cost-saving mailing machines at or set up a meeting with your account representative by calling 1-800-MR BOWES.



How do USPS price changes affect my Galaxy mailing system?

Since Pitney Bowes will no longer provide Rate Cards (Proms) for the Galaxy mailing systems, any automatic rating function on your system will provide outdated rates.


Can the Galaxy mailing system still be used after the USPS price change?

Yes. If you use Key in Postage (KIP) and accurately input the correct postage amount manually. The Galaxy mailing system will print that amount on your envelopes. Note: the WOW (Weight-on-the-Way) function must be turned off and the operator must carefully input an accurate postage amount.


Will Pitney Bowes continue to provide Service on my Galaxy mailing system?

Yes. If you have a valid SLA (Service Level Agreement) contract, Pitney Bowes will continue to honor that contract.

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