USPS Rate Change and ZIP/Zone Update for Integra Scales


Effective December 31, 2016, postal update rate cards will no longer be provided for the Integra scales.
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Keep your scale up-to-date and order a new rate card when the USPS® has a price (postal rate change) or ZIP/Zone change.

To place an order for your Rate or ZIP Code/Zone card:

Integra Scale Product Code Number (PCN)

Rate Update

ZIP/Zone Update

N300, N30R, 3K00, 3K0R

Item # 97P-A

Not Applicable

N400, N40R, 4K00, 4K0R

Item # 97P-B

Not Applicable

N500, N50R, 5K00, 5K0R

Item # 97P-C

Not Applicable

N600, N60R, N601, N610, N61R, 6K00, 6K0R, 6K01, 6K10, 6K1R, 6K1S, N700, N70R, N701, N710, N71R, 7K00, 7K0R, 7K01, 7K10, 7K1R, 7K1S

N900, N90R, N901, N910, N91R, N91S, 9K00, 9K0R, 9K01, 9K10, 9K1R, 9K1S

Item # 97P-D

Not Applicable

Instructions for installing your rate card and updating your meter's default settings:


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