USPS Rate Change and ZIP/Zone Update for the Integra Scale

To keep your scale up-to-date, you must order a new rate card when the USPS has a price or ZIP/Zone change.

  1. To place an order for your Rate or ZIP Code/Zone card:

    New postage rates and ZIP Code/Zone changes will be applied once the new rate card is installed

    Integra Scale Product Code Number (PCN)

    Rate Update

    ZIP/Zone Update

    N300, N30R, 3K00, 3K0R

    Item # 97P-A

    Not Applicable

    N400, N40R, 4K00, 4K0R

    Item # 97P-B

    Not Applicable

    N500, N50R, 5K00, 5K0R

    Item # 97P-C

    Item # 97Z-F

    N600, N60R, N601, N610, N61R, 6K00, 6K0R, 6K01, 6K10, 6K1R, 6K1S, N700, N70R, N701, N710, N71R, 7K00, 7K0R, 7K01, 7K10, 7K1R, 7K1S, N900, N90R, N901, N910, N91R, N91S, 9K00, 9K0R, 9K01, 9K10, 9K1R, 9K1S

    Item # 97P-D

    Item # 97Z-G

  2. Instructions for installing your rate card and updating your meter's default settings:
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