USPS Update for the DM200i, DM300i, DM400i, DM300L, DM400L Mailing Systems

PCN: DD00, DD05, G805, G800

This update will take about 5 minutes to complete.

 Some update steps may not show as an option or may be different due to your machine's software version. Follow your meter messaging and you will be able to complete the update.

  1. As you would for a postage refill:

    Connect your meter to an analog phone line that is not shared by any other machine (such as a Fax).

  2. Connect to Pitney Bowes:
    • From the Ready screen, press the Options key.
    • Select the Setup Menu.
    • Select the Updates and Add-Ons.
    • Select the Intellilink - Get Update. (A series of communications messages will appear on the screen.)

    Please do not unplug your power cord or disconnect your phone cord or USB cable at any time during this process. This could cause damage to your meter.

  3. Get the new rates update:
    • When prompted to perform an update, press the Enter/Yes key. (A series of communications messages will appear on the screen. This will take about 3 minutes)
    • If you are prompted to update your presets, it is suggested that you DO NOT update your presets at this time. Instead, after your rate update is complete, go to for preset instructions.
    • The meter will return to the Ready screen.

  4. Confirm that your update was successful:
    • Once you update your meter, you're done. If the update is performed in advance of the effective date, your meter will automatically switch to the new rates on the effective date.
    • To confirm that your meter has been updated with the new rates, visit our Rates and Updates web page, click on your Product Code Number and type in your serial number to view the rate status of your meter.
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