Updating your Credit / Debit Card Information

When your credit card or debit card information changes - for example, expiration date or new billing address - update your payment profile to avoid delays in processing your payment. The following explains how to change your credit card information associated with Pitney Bowes:

Note: Credit cards may not be used for Purchase Power®. See paying your Purchase Power invoice.

Recurring Payments - credit or debit card charges (Note: Including postage account charges on E700, K700 & K7M0 models)

When automatic credit or debit* card payments are made directly to Pitney Bowes without using our online payment service, call to update your records.
Important: If you choose to change your automatic credit or debit card payments to Online Bill Pay, call us to make sure the automatic credit card payment is canceled in order to avoid duplicate charges.

  • Lease accounts: 1-800-732-7222
  • Rental accounts: 1-800-228-1071
  • Postage accounts (E700, K700 & K7M0 only): 1-800-243-7800

*Important: We cannot accept debit cards for Postage account charges - even if the Visa or MasterCard logo is on the card - due to USPS® regulations. While the debit cards may work at first, future charges may not go through. Learn which credit cards are accepted for payment of Pitney Bowes bills and statements.

Online Bill Pay - My Account
You can change the credit card or debit card information associated with Online Bill Pay using your My Account profile. Follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to My Account
  2. Click View and Pay Bills
  3. On the next page, from the left-hand menu, navigate to the My Payment Profiles screen where you can add, modify or remove credit card and/or banking information. Learn how to update a payment profile and manage the payment methods you use to pay open invoices.


Updated:  November 02, 2015
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