Add Postage to the meter using PC Meter Connect

When you need to add more postage to the meter, PC Meter Connect can establish communications with the Pitney Bowes Data center so you can specify a postage refill amount.

Before you start

  • Confirm that enough funds are available in your Pitney Bowes Postage by Phone account.
  • Install the latest version of PC Meter Connect
  • Make sure your PC is connected to the meter

Add Postage


  1. Launch the PC Meter Connect desktop application. Your Postage-By-Phone account balance, meter funds and any needed updates are displayed.
  2. Click the Postage tab and select Add Postage to Meter.
  3. Enter a postage amount or select a pre-set amount. Click Confirm to continue.
  4.    A status bar will indicate the progress of the transaction.
  5. Print a receipt for the refill amount
  • Click Skip to bypass this step
  • Click Print to send the receipt to your printer
  1. Click Done when finished.
Updated:  July 23, 2012
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