Phone Connection Troubleshooting

There are many ways to manage the connection between your mailing system and the Pitney Bowes Data Center. This article discusses connecting using a phone line. You can determine the best way for you to connect using this connection method chart.

Here are suggestions for troubleshooting your PB Data Center connections to ensure your phone connection works: 


Try this:
What phone number is stored in your meter? Use either 1-800-590-4857,or 1-866-297-8025
Is the complete number entered?  Enter a 1 before your 800 number. (1-800-590-4857, NOT 800-590-4857)
Do you need to dial a number to get an outside line? A "9" or "8" prefix might be needed to reach an outside line. Enter it before dialing either 1-800-590-4857; 1-866-297-8025; or your local AT&T number.
Is your meter set to TONE or PULSE?  Set your meter to TONE dialing. If your phones are on a rotary system, switch your meter to PULSE dialing.
Can you connect any other way?   Can you check your balance? Can you connect, but find you are unable to refill postage? If so, the problem is with your postage account, not your meter.
Are you using a splitter or piggy-backing off a fax machine? Try plugging your phone cord directly into the wall jack.


No connection yet? Here are suggestions for checking your analog phone line connection:

Check: Try this:
Are you using a true analog line? Use an analog phone line. An analog line is a single, dedicated line that is not digital, broadband, DSL, or a T1. A dedicated line means that it is not a shared line, party line, piggybacked or networked into a multi-phone system or voicemail. It cannot be on a switch or on call waiting.
Long distance? Check with your long distance provider.
Have you tried dialing out on another analog line? Try connecting your meter on a different phone line, such as one used with a credit card terminal or fax machine.
Does a fax work on the same line? Try connecting a fax (instead of a meter) to your phone jack. Dial into your fax from a different line. If the fax answers, your line is good.
Check your phone cord. The cord may have damage that you can or cannot see. Try a different phone cord (RJ11 connector).
Can you dial long distance using a phone on the same line?

Disconnect your meter and connect a phone to the jack instead. Try dialing either 1-800-590-4857 or 1-866-297-8025.

If you can't dial out using either of these numbers, or you hear static when using the phone, the problem is with your phone line, not your meter.

Do you get ringing or a busy signal when dialing it to your meter.

It should ring. Let it ring 10 to 15 times. The line you are using is not compatible with your meter if:

  • the ring tone changes 
  • a message comes on the line
  • it goes to voice mail
  • you hear a busy signal


No connection yet? Here are suggestions for checking your broadband (DSL, cable) connection:  


Check: Try this:
Are you using cable service for your phone? If your phone service is being delivered through a cable company, enter *99 (star, 9, 9) in the prefix first. If that doesn't work, try entering *11 (star, 1, 1).
Are you using DSL? Install a DSL filter that will prevent signal interference. The filter must be on when you try to connect to the PB Data Center.
Check for DSL Connect your phone directly into the wall jack. A static or fax-like sound indicates that DSL service is in use.
Could your modem be damaged? Connect your fax machine and dial into it. If it connects, then re-connect your meter and call the line again. If the line is busy, the modem in your meter may be damaged and a replacement must be sent. 


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Updated:  April 11, 2014
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