Printing Accounting Reports on the mailstation or mailstation2

Products affected: mailstation™,  mailstation2™

You can view and print account totals and accounting reports, either from a PC using the PC Meter Connect (PCMC) desktop application or directly from your mailing machine. You may wish to print accounting reports before you clear or delete an account, at times such as at the end of a fiscal year.


To print reports directly at your mailing machine, you can follow the instructions in Table 1; to print reports on a mailstation2 (K7M0) machine using PCMC, use the instructions in Table 2.


 To print your accounting reports from your mailing machine, follow the steps listed below in Table 1.



Table 1:  Print Accounting Reports from Your Mailing Machine
Step Action

Press Menu


Scroll and select Use Accounting functions?


Scroll and select Print Accounting Report?


Select either Print Single or Print Multiple report 

  • Print Single Report - Scroll and select your desired account. When prompted, you must insert an envelope or tape strip
  • Print Multiple Report - Insert an envelope or tape strip


Important  When printing a multi-page report, the system will prompt you to insert another envelope or tape sheet. Follow the prompts to print another account.

Single Account Report:

Multiple Account Report:
5. Press Clear/Back to return to the Main screen





 To print your accounting reports at your PC using PC Meter Connect, follow the steps listed below in Table 2.


Table 2: Print Accounting Reports at a PC using PC Meter Connect
Step Action
1.  Open PC Meter Connect on your computer.
2.  Click your My Meter tab, and then select Account Reports.  
3.  Click Print at the lower left side of your screen.

Your Windows Print dialog box will appear. Use the pull-down menu to select your printer name, and then click OK.


Updated:  April 10, 2014
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