Maintaining Your DM100i, DM200L, DM125, DM225

Products affected: DM100®i,  DM200L™, DM125, DM225

A neglected mailing system can result in poor print quality, paper jams, moistening problems and other system problems.  Avoid unnecessary downtime and service calls with regular maintenance of the DM100i and DM200L. Here are some of the maintenance tasks that should be performed routinely. 


Topic/Issue Summary
Replacing an ink cartridge Replace an ink cartridge when the ink supply is low or exhausted.
Running print tests

Print a $0 stamp to test print quality on the meter: press Zero, then Enter to print a $0 indicia onto an envelope or tape sheet.

If you experience printing problems beyond basic maintenance, try some troubleshooting techniques for the DM100.

Maintaining the moistener How to clean the brush or wick on the moistenerfor best sealing performance.
Updating software Firmware updates are routinely availble to enhance meter performance and functionality. When you connect to the Data Center to add postage or perform other transactions, the mailing system indicates whether an update is needed or required.   
Replacing the print head Installing a new print head to replace one that is worn or damaged.


Updated:  January 08, 2014
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