Using Product Features on the DM100i Digital Mailing System

Products affected: DM100i® Digital Mailing System

Use the links below to learn more about using product features on the DM100i meter.

Parts and Features of the DM100i:

With a semi-automatic letter feed, built-in scale and an optional accounting feature, the DM100i can handle letters, flats, and parcels for multiple postal classes and services.

The links on this page contain information on some of the features you can use to get the most out of the system.

Parts of the DM100i meter (illustrated)

The control panel of the DM100i (illustrated)

Turning features on and off

Common Tasks Performed with the DM100i:

Deleting a preset

  • Press Custom Presets
  • Press Page Down and select Delete Preset
  • Select the preset to delete and press Yes/Enter
  • Select Continue and press Home to return to the Home screen

Setting up a bulk mailing ZIP code

  • Press Options
  • Press Page Down two times
  • Select Advanced Features
  • Select Intra BMC ZIPS

From there, you can create, edit, or delete a bulk mailing ZIP code group

Advancing the date

  • Press Options
  • Select Advance the Date
  • Select an option and Continue

You can advance the date by up to 30 days to prepare a mailing for a future date.

Clearing the batch count

  • Press Funds
  • Press Page Down and select Clear Batch Values
  • Enter supervisor password if the prompt to do so appears
  • Press Home to return to the Home screen

Preparing mail to be sent internationally
With the mail piece on the scale:

  • Press the Class button
  • Press the Page Down button once
  • Select the desired International Class
  • Type in the first letters of the country you need; the display will automatically update the country listing as you enter text
  • Select the country and rate you need

Viewing or deleting Confirmation Services Records

  • Press Options
  • Press Page Down twice
  • Select Advanced Features
  • Select Manage Conf Records
  • Select View Record or Delete Record
  • Select the record you want to view or delete and follow the prompts on the display

Using Priority Mail International for Canada

  • Press Weigh/Rate and select Manual Weight Entry
  • Enter weight; the system should return to scale mode -- if not, press Weigh/Rate
  • Select Rate the Mail on Scale

Downloading an ad

  • Press Page Down once and select Ad
  • Select Connect Now
  • The system connects to the Data Center and shows status updates on the display
  • When the download is complete, select OK to return to the Home screen

Entering text
Use the numeric keypad on the system's control panel according to the instructions in the link.

Checking/printing a funds report

  • Press Funds
  • Press Page Down to the third screen
  • Select Print Funds Report
  • At the Insert Envelope prompt, you can print the report onto an envelope or tape sheet

Select an account

  • Press the button beside ACCT: on the control panel and Select an Account
  • Use Page Down to scroll the display and select the desired account
  • If prompted to enter the password for the account, enter the four digit password
Updated:  December 29, 2014
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