Common mailstation and mailstation2 System Messages

Products affected:  mailstation™ (K700) and mailstation2™ (K7M0)  

System messages are text-based messages on your meter display that indicate a condition that needs to be addressed.

Check this list of system messages before contacting customer support. The links in the System Message column will take you to in-depth information to resolve your error. The What it Means column will help you understand your core system message issue. The Quick Tips for Resolution will provide you with help to quickly fix your problem, or at least help you gather the information needed by your customer support agent.


Solutions for numerically-based error codes can be found on the mailstation and mailstation2 error codes page. 


System Message What it Means Quick Tips for Resolution
Low Battery You may need to update your meter software or replace your meter.


No dial tone Your analog phone line is not connected to the meter.
Account Balance Low Your refill amount exceeds funds or credit limit available.
Waste Tank/Waste Tray Near Full Your meter's ink waste tank is nearly full and must be replaced.
Cannot Reach Data Center Your meter cannot connect with the Pitney Bowes Data Center.
Connection Lost Your connection with the Data Center was made but lost or broken before your transaction could complete.
  • Press Clear/Back (C) and try again later.
  • If the problem persists, call customer service.
Inspection Due / Inspection Required This displays if a postage refill has not been performed for the last 90 days. After 120 days, postage cannot be printed until a refill or balance check is done.
Software Download Failed Software and rate updates can occasionally get 'stuck' or fail to complete.
  • Reboot your system.
Not Enough Funds Insufficient postage: the postage amount chosen or entered exceeds maximum funds available to your system.
  • Select a lower postage amount.
  • Refill your meter with postage funds using your postage account.
Refill failed: xxx.Contact Pitney Bowes A failure occurred during your refill process.
  • Contact customer service.
Refill too High The refill amount you entered is larger than the maximum the machine will allow.
  • Press Clear/Back (C) and repeat the process with a smaller postage amount.
Power lamp is not lit on the machine There is no power coming into your meter.
  • Check to ensure your power cord is plugged into both your mailing machine base and the wall outlet.
  • Check to ensure your power cord is not connected to a switched wall outlet, power strip, or surge protector.
Power lamp is yellow on the machine Your machine is in sleep mode.
  • Press any key on your keypad to "awaken" it.


If you need additional help, chat with a customer service agent.  Have this information handy:

  • Product name (mailstation or mailstation2)
  • Model number (K700 or K7M0)
  • Serial Number (on the back of the system --  find your meter's serial number)
  • Nature of the problem: what happened and when? What error message, if any, appeared on the meter's display?
  • Steps you have already taken to resolve the problem




Updated:  January 03, 2014
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