Setting up the Personal Post Series Postage Meter (Models E707 and E709)

Products affected: Personal Post Series Postage Meters (Models E707 and E709)

NOTE: For security purposes, meters are shipped without postage.  Transferring funds to your meter is part of the setup process.  


 Install the ink cartridge
  1. Lift the meter cover and remove the yellow print head stop
  2. Open the blue cartridge cover by squeezing the side tabs and pivoting the cover back
  3. Remove the yellow block from the ink cartridge holder
  4. Remove the tape from the ink cartridge. Place the cartridge into the ink cartridge holder with the label facing out
  5. Snap the blue cartridge cover in place
Connect power
  1. Connect the power cord to your meter with the arrow facing up
  2. Then plug into a wall outlet. Note: the outlet used should not be controlled by a wall switch
Ink loading process
  1. At the prompt Cannot Find ZIP- Refill Required,  press Yes/ Enter
  2. At the prompt Add Ink - Press Enter When Done, press Enter.  That begins the ink loading process.  Your meter displays the message Please Wait while it performs the process.  This takes approximately three minutes
  3. At the prompt Insert Form for Print Test,  insert an envelope or tape sheet
  4. When your meter prompts Perform Maintenance? check the print test:
  5. If the print is ok, press Clear
  6. If the print is missing lines, press Enter/ Yes and your meter will perform maintenance on the print head
Initializing setup
  1. Press Setup nine times until the display reads Chg Account #?
  2. Press Enter/ Yes.
  3. Enter the 8-digit PbP account number and press Yes/ Enter.
  4. If your meter will not accept the entire PbP account number, fully lift the lid and then close.
  5. To change what has been entered, press Clear
Add postage to the meter – postage refill:
  1. Connect one end of the phone cord to your meter and plug the other end into an analog phone jack
  2. Press Refill
  3. Enter the postage refill amount.  Enter whole dollar amounts without decimal points; For example:  100 for $100.00. NOTE: The E707 limit is $1,000; The E709 limit is $100
  4. Press Enter/ Yes. Your meter automatically dials into the data center and transfers funds to it
  5. At the prompt Insert Form for Receipt, insert an envelope or tape sheet
NOTE: We recommend that you save the receipt. To see the available postage amount in your meter, press Funds / Pieces


  • Should your meter get stuck in a "loop," press Clear, then press 5. Then continue setting up your meter
  • If you have voice mail on the line you are using to refill your meter, you must clear all voice mails before attempting to refill.  Some voice mails will beep before dialing, which interrupts the dialing sequence
  • Your meter needs to be connected to the phone line only when a postage transfer is required


Updated:  May 09, 2014
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