USPS Update Instructions for mailstation2 below software version 10.00.09

Products affected: mailstation2™ (K7M0)

Print out the instructions or follow along with the video to update your meter. Note: Some screens may vary depending on the software version your meter is running.




  • If the update is performed in advance of the effective date, your meter will automatically switch to the new rates on the effective date.
  • This update can take up to 10 minutes to complete. During peak periods, heavy network traffic may require several connection attempts.

TIP: Use your smartphone to follow the steps while in front of your meter. Visit, select Updating Your Product, select Meters, and select your meter from the images shown. You can also send the URL for this page to your smartphone email account, then simply click on the link anytime.

Update your mailstation2 below software version 10.00.09 using one of the following connections:

Update Instructions Using PC Meter Connect (PCMC):

  1. Connect:
    • Turn on your computer
    • Connect your meter to your PC
    • Plug in your meter’s power cord
    • To launch PCMC, double click the PCMC icon on your desktop or the task bar button

  2. Update:
    • Click on the Updates tab
    • Click Update Software
    • When prompted, click Continue
    • When it is finished, click Done

  3. Confirm the update was successful by using the Confirm Update tool on the right side of this page 


Update Instructions Using an Analog Phone Line or Communication Device:

  1. Press Funds
  2. Use the Review Arrow keys to navigate to Check amount available to download
  3. Press Yes/Enter
    Meter will connect to the Postage by Phone server
  4. Press Yes/Enter
  5. Press No to adding postage
    Meter will check to see if downloads are pending
  6. Press Yes/Enter to download the rates
    Meter will begin processing the update
    If no update is shown or your meter returns to the home screen, you may already have the latest rates.  Use the Confirm Update Tool located at the right side of this page to verify.
  7. Press Yes/Enter
    Meter will display what has been updated
  8. Press Yes/Enter
    Your meter's display may not follow the rest of the steps exactly but will continue to update your rates.
  9. Press No to print a report
    Meter will tell you new rates are active
  10. Press Yes/Enter
  11. Press No to the rates reminder
    New rates may affect your presets
  12. Press Yes/Enter
    Meter will ask if you want to change the preset
  13. Press No
  14. Your meter will return to the Home Screen. The update is now complete
  15. Confirm the update was successful by using the Confirm Update tool on the right side of this page

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Updated:  December 30, 2015
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