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What is IntelliLink® Desktop?
IntelliLink Desktop is a software application that works with your Pitney Bowes shipping products to keep the products up to date with the latest software and rate updates from Pitney Bowes.  Once installed, IntelliLink Desktop monitors the Pitney Bowes servers for updates to your products.  When an update is found, IntelliLink Desktop will inform you that an update is required or it can be set up to automatically download the updates for you.

Will it cost me more to use IntelliLink® Desktop?
There is no charge for software updates, patches and standard carrier rate updates as part of your Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) coverage.

Pitney Bowes provides periodic updates to you as part of that coverage plan. There is no additional charge for the IntelliLink Desktop application we have provided to you for the purpose of keeping your shipping software up to date.

NOTE: Internet service provider selection and fees are your responsibility.

Will IntelliLink Desktop update all of my Pitney Bowes software products?
IntelliLink Desktop will only update Pitney Bowes products that are IntelliLink Desktop ready. Today Ascent, SendSuite Xpress and SendSuite Shipping are the only products supported. All other products continue to be updated using the standard process.

How do I know that an update is available for download?

  • When set for automatic checking, the IntelliLink Desktop taskbar icon changes color to yellow or red indicating that an update has been downloaded and is available for install. The red color is reserved for updates whose recommended install date has passed.
  • When set for manual checking, you will need to check for updates at your discretion. 


How do I change my settings?
IntelliLink Desktop settings can be found on the Settings page. Since the settings can affect the operation of IntelliLink Desktop, refer to Help for detailed information before making any changes.

How do I know when an update has been successfully downloaded and installed?
The IntelliLink Desktop window will list updates that are available for download or installation. A hot link next to each file indicates what action can be taken with that update.

  • A Download hot link indicates that a new update is available. Click on the Download link to start the action of downloading the update. This is only available when the system is set for Manual checking. Once downloaded, the hot link will change to Install.
  • An Install hot link indicates that an update has been successfully downloaded and is ready for installation. Click on the Install link to begin the installation process. Once installed, the update is removed from the list.

I am not getting updates, what should I do?
Check with your local IT contact to make sure that ports, firewalls and proxy servers are not inhibiting the ability of IntelliLink Desktop to communicate with Pitney Bowes servers. Depending on your firewall configuration, you may need to have your IT department add the IntelliLink Desktop application (dsddshell.exe) to your firewall's exception list.

Since the settings can affect the operation of IntelliLink Desktop, refer to Help for detailed information before making any changes.

If the above steps do not solve the problem, contact the Pitney Bowes Call Center 1-800-522-0020 for assistance.  Please have your CAN / Model / Serial Number for the product being updated available when you make the call

Can I choose which updates to install?
Yes, however all updates provided through IntelliLink Desktop are important for the products installed on your system. If you choose not to install an update, your system will not be up to date.

I just got an error message, what should I do?
The two most common error messages that you are likely to encounter are:

1. Server Busy message: caused by a server outage
This is likely a temporary situation. Try again later. If the situation does not resolve itself in a timely manner, contact the Pitney Bowes Call Center.
2. Insufficient space message: caused by too little local drive space
Try one of these tips:
(1) Change the download folder to another hard drive with more space.
(2) Delete unnecessary files from the hard disk where your download folder resides.
(3) Remove updates that are no longer needed from the download folder.
(4) Empty your Recycle bin. 

Note: the current location of your download folder is displayed on the Settings screen

Does my computer need to remain connected to the internet?
IntelliLink Desktop needs an active Internet connection to check for updates.

Can I turn my computer off at night?
Yes. Be sure that you set the time of the daily automatic update check to a time when your system is usually powered on.

What if my corporate IT policy does not allow direct downloads as an update method?
Your corporate IT staff may download the update to a flash drive for manual update or a DVD may be requested.  Register here.

What if I use dial-up to connect to the internet?
Pitney Bowes recommends a high speed, broadband internet connection. If your shipping system does not have high-speed internet access and is relying on a dial-up connection then please register your system at link below to receive update via download link or DVD.  Register here.

Who can I contact for help?
If you need help or more information, please fill out this form and we'll help you solve the issue.

Updated:  December 19, 2013
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