Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about IntelliLink Desktop Updates

Products affected: IntelliLink™ Desktop, Ascent™, SendSuite® Xpress, Business Manager

Will IntelliLink Desktop update all of my Pitney Bowes software products?
IntelliLink Desktop will only update Pitney Bowes products that are IntelliLink Desktop ready. The following Pitney Bowes products are supported:

  • Ascent
  • SendSuite Xpress
  • MeterNet
  • Business Manager

All other products continue to be updated using the standard process.

Does my computer need to remain connected to the internet?
IntelliLink Desktop needs an active Internet connection to check for updates.

When does IntelliLink Desktop check for updates?
IntelliLink Desktop will check for updates every 24 hours. You can check for updates at any time by clicking the Check Now button.

How will I know when an update is available?
The IntelliLink Desktop will list available updates for your system in the user interface. Also, an information balloon in the system tray will indicate that a Pitney Bowes software update is available.

What do I do when an update is available?
IntelliLink Desktop will list updates that are available for download or install. A button next to each file indicates what action can be taken with that update.

  • A Download button indicates that a new update is available. Click on the Download button to start downloading your update. Once downloaded, the button will change to Install.
  • An Install button indicates that an update has been successfully downloaded and is ready for installation. Click on the Install button to begin installation. Once installed, the update is removed from the list.

How do I know when an update has been successfully downloaded and installed?
After updates are successfully installed, they will be removed from the IntelliLink Desktop updates list. They will then be listed on the History tab.

Can I see a list of updates downloaded and installed?
Yes. This information can be found on the History tab of the IntelliLink Desktop user interface. It lists when each update was downloaded and installed.

Can I choose which updates to install?
Yes, however all updates provided through IntelliLink Desktop are important for the products installed on your system. If you choose not to install an update, your system will not be up to date.

Can I skip an update if I don't want to install it?
IntelliLink Desktop allows only Optional and Recommended updates to be skipped. Click the Skip this Update option for the update you would like to skip. You can skip a specific update or all updates for that component. This setting can be changed at a later date by clicking Don’t Skip. Mandatory updates cannot be skipped.

Can I get an email indicating that an update is available?
Yes, if you enter the email address into IntelliLink Desktop. You can enter email addresses on the Settings tab.

Note: You can add multiple email addresses if you like. These email addresses are used only to inform you that software updates are available for your Pitney Bowes system.


Updated:  November 23, 2015
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