Using the Pitney Bowes Reserve Account (FDIC Insured)

A Reserve Account (FDIC Insured) is a deposit account used to fund postage on your Pitney Bowes meter. Funds are held in an FDIC-insured account at The Pitney Bowes Bank, Inc., and earn interest in the form of postage credits based on the average daily balance.

How do I deposit additional funds into my Reserve Account:

Need a deposit coupon?
Send your deposit to the appropriate address using the Reserve Account Deposit Coupon. Remember: Add your Postage Account number to the coupon. A Postage Account - often referred to as Postage by Phone (PBP) or Reserve Account - is an 8-digit number associated with refilling postage and organizing your postage funds. Your Customer Account Number (CAN) is an 11-digit Account number. 

How to activate a Reserve Account:

  1. Print the Tax Payer Identification Form. Once completed and signed, fax the form back to us: 1-203-546-2277  .Note: The Tax Payer Identification Number, or TIN, is the same as your 11-digit Customer Account Number (CAN) or Rental Account number.

  2. Send the Reserve Account Deposit Coupon along with your initial deposit to the appropriate address. Be sure to add your 8-digit Postage Account number to the coupon.

Regular Mail - Please allow up to 7-10 days for mail and processing time.

Reserve Account
PO Box 223648
Pittsburgh, PA 15250-2648

Express Mail - Please allow up to three days for mail and processing time.

Reserve Account
Attn: PO Box 223648
500 Ross Street Suite 154-0460
Pittsburgh, PA 15262-0001 

Updated:  September 15, 2015
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