Battery Low and Other Battery Warning Messages on your mailstation or mailstation2

Products affected: mailstation™ (K700), mailstation2™ (K7M0)

Error Message/Code: Battery Low and other battery warning messages

What it Means: You may need to update your meter software or replace your meter.

Resolution: The battery in your meter enables your settings and other information to be saved. If your battery is allowed to expire, you may lose this information. If this happens, you must have your meter replaced (submit the service request form at the bottom of this page).

If your mailstation/mailstation2 is running software version 8.3.03 or below, the Battery Low message can appear prematurely and will typically be resolved by updating your software. Using the most recent software version will extend the life of your battery.

Make sure the software installed on your meter is up-to-date. To avoid this and many other issues, always update your software when you see the prompt New Software Available-Update? or New Feature Available-Update? on your meter.

If a software update doesn't resolve your message:

If the software version is current (version 8.3.06 or above) and your battery message still displays, your meter may need to be replaced (free of charge). Complete and submit this service request form to begin the process. 

Updated:  February 21, 2014
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