USPS Priority Mail Changes-Proposed for September 2014

USPS Proposes Price Changes to Priority Mail for September 7, 2014

Domestic Changes 

  • Some prices for Priority Mail Letters, Large Envelopes, & Parcels CBP and Regional Box C CBP have been reduced on average by 0.9 percent.
  • Some Priority Mail Retail prices have had a modest increase, an average of 1.7%.

 International Changes 

  • Priority Mail Express International service is now available to Lebanon.

 Examples of Domestic Price Changes

  • The price changes vary by price cell and price tier.


 If approved, the new pricing would take effect September 7, 2014.  For more details, visit our Postal Blog.

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TIP: Use the USPS Postage Calculator to easily look up domestic and international retail prices.


Updated  July 29, 2014

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