USPS Postage Meter Inspections

Products affected: All meters

USPS regulations require that a meter be inspected periodically. This inspection occurs automatically when your meter is refilled with postage or when your system connects to the Pitney Bowes Data Center to perform a balance inquiry.

If a postage refill or connection to the Pitney Bowes Data Center for a balance inquiry does not occur within a 90 day period, an Inspection Due message will appear on the meter display. If an inspection is not performed within 30 days of the Inspection Due message, the meter will display an Inspection Required message; a connection to the Pitney Bowes Data Center will be necessary before your meter can be used.

Click on your meter type in the list below for instructions to clear an Inspection Due or Inspection Required message. Meter product code numbers (PCNs) end in several different combinations. In the list below, the last two digits of the meter's product code number is represented by "XX".

mailstation, mailstation2 - K7XX, K7M0

DM100i, DM125, DM200L, DM225 - P7XX, PRXX, P7LX

DM200i, DM300i, DM400i, DM300L, DM400L - G8XX, DDXX

DM300c, DM400c, DM450c, DM475 - G9XX

DM500, DM800, DM900, DM1000, DM1100, Infinity - 1AXX, 1CXX, 1DXX, 1LXX, 1MXX, 1RXX, 1TXX

DM200, DM300 - F8XX, F9XX

Personal Post - E7XX

PostPerfect - B7XX


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Updated:  June 02, 2014
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