Data Center Connection Types

Updates to your mailing system, including postage rate updates, are made through a connection between your meter and the Pitney Bowes Data Center. This connection can be managed in a number of ways, depending on the meter model and your system configuration.

Use the recommended connection method for your mailing system.

X = Recommended

+ = Alternative

Internet Connections

  Phone Line PCMC Communication Device Constant Connection Wireless 3G
mailstation* + + X      
mailstation2 + + X      
DM100i + X        
DM125 + +   X    
DM200L + X        
DM225 + +   X    
DM300c + X   +    
DM400c + X   +    
DM450c + X   +    
DM475 + X   +    

DM500 - DM1100

+     X    
DM Infinity +     X    
Connect+       X + +
DM200i X          
DM300i X          
DM400i X          
DM300L X          
DM400L X          

PCMC (PC Meter Connect)

The PC Meter Connect desktop application, along with high speed internet access and a USB connection, helps your meter communicate with the Pitney Bowes Data Center more reliably and faster than with an analog phone line. Make sure your computer meets the minimum system requirements for operating PC Meter Connect.

*Attention mailstation (K700) customers: you can now use PCMC if your software is at version 10 or above. Be sure to download and install the latest version of PCMC before using.

Communication Device

The Communication Device enables your meter to connect to the Pitney Bowes Data Center via your local area network (LAN), enabling substantially faster upload and download speeds than an analog phone line.

Constant Connection

Constant Connection is a Pitney Bowes feature that allows you to interface your mailing system to your office network. It eliminates the need for an analog phone line as well as the added cost and maintenance required for an analog line. Additionally, it provides substantially faster upload and download speeds.

Internet Connection Issues

Issues with a Data Center connection can have many causes. Most connection problems involve either the Internet connection, software application configuration, or the mailing system itself. Learn more about troubleshooting Internet connections.

Phone Line Connections

Pitney Bowes mailing systems have built-in modems that enable a connection to our Data Center through a phone line. This method is much slower than Internet-based connections but is useful in situations where a network connection isn't available. Learn more about phone line connection requirements.

Updated:  June 02, 2014
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