Install a New Rate Card (PROM) in the Integra Series Scale

Products affected by Product Code Number (PCN):

Model numbers beginning with N All other models
N300, N30R, N400, N40R, N500, N50R, N600, N60R, N700, N70R, N900, N90R, N601, N610, N61R, N701, N710, N71R, N901, N910, N91R, N91S, N9RA 3K00, 3K0R, 4K00, 4K0R, 5K00, 5K0R, 6K00, 6K0R, 7K00, 7K0R, 9K00, 9K0R,  6K01,6K1R, 6K1S, 6K10,  7K01, 7K1R,  7K1S, 7K10,  9K01, 9K1R, 9K1S, 9K10

Note: The part described in these instructions is known as a PROM or a rate card -- these are different terms for the same part.

Scale Model


N500 / 5K00


N600 / 6K00


N700 / 7K00


N900 / 9K00


N600 / 6K00 / N700 / 7K00 / N900 / 9K00 -             Alaska Customers N982912
N600 / 6K00 / N700 / 7K00 / N900 / 9K00 -              Hawaii Customers N982912

Before you begin
1. Unplug the power cord and confirm that the display is blank. Wait one minute before continuing

2. Verify Part Number: The Rate Card part number (P/N) should match the part number of the scale.  Ignore any letter that appears at the end, such as "-V." If the numbers don't match, contact support at 1-800-962-4088.

Read part number from the back side of the Rate Card, ignoring the letter at the end

IMPORTANT:  Install the new Rate Card only when you are ready to use the new rates on the effective date. Once you put the new Rate Card into your machine, the old rates will no longer be available in most cases.
Action Step Illustration
First press the zero button, ensuring that the display remains blank.

Remove cover
: Lift the platform from the top of the scale
Remove Rate Card: If there is a rate card in place, grasp it firmly and pull it away
Insert new Rate Card: with the see-through plastic cover facing up, slide the new Rate Card into the slot until you feel it touch the bottom
Snap Rate Card into place: Push the card firmly until your feel it snap into place with a loud click
Replace cover: put the platform back on, being sure you feel it snap into place and the bubble window shows through the top. Re-level the scale if necessary.
Plug in and power on: plug the power cord back and wait for the display to show zero weight
After installing the new PROM and there are sometimes problems such as:
  •     Black squares or diamonds stuck on the display
  •     Blank display
  •     "Unable to Zero" or "Zero Capture Error" showing on the display
  •     Any other error that locks the display
    Repeating the install process normally solves these problems.

Updated:  May 21, 2013
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