Rates and Updates for Ascent and SendSuite Xpress

Products affected: Ascent™ and SendSuite® Xpress

 Windows 10 Notice: At this time, SendSuite Live, SendSuite Xpress, Ascent, SendSuite Tracking and Arrival are not supported on the Windows 10 operating system.

Since Windows 10 has not yet been tested or evaluated for compatibility with these products, Pitney Bowes currently does not offer support for these products on the Windows 10 platform, and recommend our clients refrain from upgrading their platform to Windows 10 until these products are verified compatible with the new platform. If clients choose to upgrade before Windows 10 is supported by PB, they may experience issues and PB will not be able to provide support. This may require them to roll back or revert to a previous operating system to ensure continued functionality of their PB products, which will result in additional costs and expenses to the client.

NOTE: Windows XP Service Pack 2 Customers:
Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3) is the minimum supported OS. If you are running Windows XP Service Pack 2, please update your system to Service Pack 3.

What's New in SendSuite Xpress 2.70 and Ascent 9.70

  • All carrier manifests except POS, POM, and PON should be Closed and Printed
  • Carrier manifests for POS, POM, and PON should be opened for a New Day

Current Rate Change - Effective January 17, 2016:  USPS® Rate Change (United States only)
Note: You must be on Ascent version 9.60 / SendSuite Xpress version 2.60 to install the Rate Change Update. Check your system software version.

Effective December 28, 2015:  UPS® Rate Change (United States and Canada)
Note: You must be at Ascent version 9.60 /SendSuite Xpress version 2.60 to perform this update.  Check your system software version, then follow the instructions.

Effective December 28, 2015: Spee-Dee Rate Change (United States only)

Effective January 4, 2016:  FedEx® Rate Change (United States and Canada)
There is no FedEx Update for your shipping system from Pitney Bowes. Updates to FedEx Rates and Services can be obtained through the FSMS Demand Download.

Issues running an update? These links will help you troubleshoot issues during an update:


SendSuite Xpress:

Before you begin:
All updates are available via electronic download only. Install IntelliLink Desktop today to keep your system ready for Rate Change. There are two methods to using the Postage Meter:

  • Offline – After printing the label on your SendSuite Xpress or Ascent system the user will manually set the meter and print the matching tape
  • Online (Integrated Meter Mode) – While interfaced with the meter, SendSuite Xpress or Ascent will print the label and then trigger a tape to print on the postage machine. *Requires Version 2.25 available now via IntelliLink Desktop.

Commercial Base Pricing (CBP) services can be used through either method on your SendSuite Xpress or Ascent system. Requirements to enable the CBP rating: 

  • Version Ascent v9.25 or SendSuite Xpress v2.25
  • IntelliLink Desktop installed
  • Valid USPS Mailer Identification Number (MID)
  • Tracking/Confirmation Services Communication Parameters must be setup with USPS-issued FTP, User ID and Password
  • Internet connection
  • Label Printer configured for printing the IMpb labels
  • Commercial Base Services enabled in SendSuite Xpress (instructions) - OR - Commercial Base Services enabled in Ascent (instructions)

Valid USPS® Mailer Identification Number (MID)
To obtain a USPS MID, follow these steps:

  1. Go to https://gateway.usps.com/
  2. Log in or register for free. Note that registering will automatically get a MID assigned.
  3. Go to Mailing Services menu item
  4. Locate Mailer ID and click "Go to Service"
  5. If you just completed registration, your MID will be displayed in the Mailer ID Summary section at the bottom of the page. If you do not see your MID, click on Request MID from the upper horizontal menu
  6. Complete the process as instructed on the site
  7. Make sure to document your MID

For assistance or questions with the gateway registration contact USPS by phone: 877-264-9693, option 1, or email dconfirm@usps.gov Certification Test Instructions for Confirmation Services
You may already be shipping with USPS on a valid MID and printing IMpb labels at the retail rates. If not you may need to become certified with USPS Confirmation Services. View Certification Instructions to learn more. USPS provided - User ID, Password and FTP information 

Steps for Online Enrollment:

  1. Go to https://gateway.usps.com/ and sign in
  2. Select Shipping Services menu
  3. Locate Online Enrollment and click “Go to Service”
  4. Select “Tracking Only” from the program drop-down box then click Continue
  5. Select “Owner” then complete the survey
  6. Once the survey is complete, select the service in which you’d like to enroll
  7. Click Begin Enrollment and complete as directed by the site the answers accordingly:
    1. Will you be sending an electronic file to USPS? - Yes
    2. How will you transmit the file to USPS? - Secured File Transfer - SFTP
    3. Will you be using a software vendor? - Yes
    4. What software vendor will you be using? - Pitney Bowes - SendSuite
    5. What file format will you be using to submit your files to USPS? - Electronic File Version 1.7
    6. How do you want USPS to provide your tracking and/or postage information? - Secured File Transfer – SFTP
  8. Download and complete Section “A” of Form 1357-S, then email to delivery.confirmation@usps.gov (preferred) or fax to 901-681-4646
  9. USPS will email your FTP credentials


Updated:  January 25, 2016
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