Rate and Software Update FAQs

What is a rate update?

When the USPS® or any other carrier changes its rates, your Pitney Bowes meter, mailing, and shipping products need to be updated to reflect these changes. We package the new data for delivery to your product so that you can ensure the correct postage is being applied.

This process includes:

  • creating an update with the new rate data for you to download to your DM Series meter
  • manufacture new rate cards to replace the old card for Integra scales (order via the Online Store)
  • creating an update with the new rate data for your shipping system products

When do I need to perform the rates update?

Although carriers such as the USPS announce rate changes months in advance, the actual rate data does not become available until 1 to 2 weeks prior to the effective date of the change. This is because the carriers must submit changes to the Postal Regulatory Commission for approval. This approval process can take up to 90 days.

DM Mailing Products - You can download and install  the new rates data as soon as they become available. The new rates are programmed NOT to become active until the rate change effective date.

Physical Media Products (Integra Series scales and Shipping Systems) – Install the update just prior to the effective date.

If your equipment is registered within My Account, or if you have signed up for update notifications at the Rates and Software Update Center, you will receive email notifications alerting you to when the new rates are expected and when they become available.

What is a software download?

Pitney Bowes mailing systems operate on an embedded set of software instructions. Software downloads refer to regular updates that ensure your Pitney Bowes product is up-to-date with operational enhancements and features. Your meter is updated with the latest software version through a connection with the Pitney Bowes Data Center. Software is identified by a version number and will vary according to your system.


When do I need to perform the software download?

When you connect to the Pitney Bowes Data Center to add postage or perform other transactions, the Data Center will detect if an update is necessary and will display a message (e.g., Update Required or Update Available). When this happens, you should perform the update as soon as possible. Otherwise, you will be notified -- usually by email -- that a software update is needed. 

What is a meter preset/default setting?

A preset is a snapshot of commonly used meter settings that allow you to easily recall the properties you use most often. Assigning a preset, such as First-Class letter saves time and ensures accuracy in your mailings. Learn how to use presets on your meter.

What is a USPS ZIP/Zone update?

The USPS periodically makes changes to Zones and ZIP codes. Your Pitney Bowes product must be updated to reflect these changes, ensuring your mail is posted correctly.  ZIP code and Zone updates are always posted on our website and may be emailed to customers who are located in the affected areas.

Updated:  August 05, 2014
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